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Rewards for reviews

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Reviews help customers decide their future purchases. Customers love our products but unfortunately customers sometimes don’t like to take the time to leave reviews, so we give an incentive for verified buyers to make it worth their while to write reviews.

To leave a review, you must be a verified buyer of the product. All reviews will go through a spamming process and will need to be approved before your review is published. We welcome all positive and negative reviews on products as long as there is no offensive language. Reviews with offensive language will not be published and will not receive the incentive for the review.Β 

You must have an account to earn the $1 per review as your wallet credit account will be in your account. The customer’s name must match the name on your account and order forms. If you do not have an account and you checked out as a guest, you are still able to create an account with the name that was used on your order form and we can verify your purchase. Customers that do not have an account when they write the review, you will not be able to receive the $1 per review as you will need an account.

Customers can write reviews on all products they purchased. (Example) If a customer bought 5 products, they can write the review for all 5 products and receive $5 for the 5 reviews. The cash will be added to your wallet account as credit towards your next purchase.Β 

Note: Only customers with accounts will see their wallet total in their account or in the menu section of our website.Β 

What is “Wallet” – Wallet is where credit you receive, or earned credit is stored for your next purchase. If you have an account and you have cash in your wallet, you will see the option to use your wallet cash towards your purchase on the checkout page. If you have a $0 balance in your wallet, you will not see the option on the checkout page, or in the menu section of the website.Β Β 

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