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Beach Babe Bikini
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  1. Exactly as pictured, great material, and fits true to size.

    Image #1 from πŸŽ€ ttijana19 (verified owner)
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  3. I am an athletic, curvy build, and this holds onto those curves really well.

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  4. I’ve spent the majority of my adult life searching for the perfect swimsuit, and I think I’ve finally found it. Great color, great quality. If you’re hesitating, stop. Just buy it.

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  5. This was beautiful! Quite flattering for this 40+ body. Unfortunately I ordered the wrong size but it was my fault because I ordered up. I exchanged the suit for a smaller size with no problem. Customer service it wonderful! The suit i exchanged fits nicely now.

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Best Selling Bikinis & Swimwear

Our Best Selling Bikinis and swimwear are the crΓ¨me de la crΓ¨me of the fashion world, featuring a carefully curated selection of styles that have captured the hearts of our customers. From classic and timeless designs to trendy and edgy pieces, our best sellers showcase the perfect blend of style, comfort, and quality. Whether you’re a fan of bold and bright colors or subtle and sophisticated neutrals, we have something for everyone. With a focus on high-quality fabrics, flattering cuts, and attention to detail, our best-selling bikinis and swimwear are designed to make you feel confident, beautiful, and ready to take on the sun. Whether you’re lounging by the pool or making waves at the beach, our best-selling bikinis and swimwear are sure to make a splash!

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Best Selling Bikinis for Women

Dive Into Beach Worthy Style with Our Best Selling Bikinis

As we dip our toes into the warmer months, it's time to refresh our swimwear wardrobe with the latest trends making waves. Whether you're lounging poolside or soaking up the sun at the beach, staying on-trend is a must. From bold colors to retro-inspired silhouettes, this year's swimwear lineup offers something for everyone. Let's dive into the most coveted swimwear styles that are set to dominate the shores.

Introducing our exclusive collection of the most sought-after swimwear styles, meticulously curated to cater to your every beach and poolside need. Dive into a world of chic sophistication and effortless glamour with our selection of the season's hottest swimwear trends.

From classic one-pieces that exude timeless elegance to trendy bikinis that command attention, our range offers something for every style sensibility. Indulge in luxurious fabrics, flattering cuts, and eye-catching designs that are sure to turn heads wherever you go.

Discover the allure of our most-wanted swimwear, featuring:

1. Vibrant Neon Hues: Bright and bold neon hues are making a splash in swimwear this year. From electric pink to vivid green, neon colors are guaranteed to turn heads on the beach. Whether you opt for a neon bikini or a one-piece swimsuit, embrace the vibrant shades of summer and make a statement wherever you go.

2. Cut-Out Designs: Strategic cut-outs are taking swimwear to the next level. From peek-a-boo details to intricate patterns, cut-out designs add an edgy and playful twist to traditional swimsuits. Whether it's a side cut-out one-piece or a bikini with strategic slashes, these daring styles are sure to elevate your beach look.

3. Retro Vibes: Get ready to channel your inner vintage vixen with retro-inspired swimwear silhouettes. High-waisted bottoms, underwire tops, and ruffled details are making a comeback this year, offering a nod to the glamorous styles of decades past. Embrace your curves and opt for retro swimwear that exudes old Hollywood charm.

4. Bold Prints: Make a splash in swimwear adorned with eye-catching prints and patterns. From tropical florals to graphic geometrics, bold prints are a must-have for summer. Embrace your adventurous side and opt for swimwear featuring vibrant prints that reflect your personality and sense of style.

5. Sporty Styles: Functional and fashionable, sporty swimwear styles are perfect for active beach days. Look for swimsuits with athletic-inspired details like racerback tops, high-necklines, and mesh panels. Whether you're hitting the waves or playing beach volleyball, sporty swimwear offers the perfect blend of style and performance.

6. Flattering One-Pieces: Elevate your beachside look with our collection of figure-flattering one-piece swimsuits. From sleek and sophisticated to bold and playful, our designs accentuate your curves while providing comfort and support.

7. Trendsetting Bikinis: Make a statement in our trendy bikinis, showcasing the latest cuts, colors, and patterns. Whether you prefer a sporty silhouette or a sultry string bikini, our collection has you covered with styles that are both fashion-forward and functional.

8. Versatile Cover-Ups: Transition effortlessly from the sand to the sidewalk with our versatile cover-up options. From flowy caftans to chic sarongs, these pieces add an extra layer of style to your beach ensemble while providing coverage and protection from the sun.

9. Bikinis: Discover the epitome of beachside glamour with our exquisite collection of beach babe bikinis. Designed to make a statement while ensuring maximum comfort and style, each piece in our range exudes sophistication and allure.

10. Inclusive Sizing: Celebrate every body with our inclusive sizing options, catering to a diverse range of shapes and sizes. Whether you're petite, plus-size, or somewhere in between, our swimwear collection is designed to make you look and feel your best.

Experience the epitome of beachside luxury with our best selling swimwear collection. Shop now and embark on a journey of style, confidence, and unparalleled glamour.

Indulge in the timeless allure of our classic bikini silhouettes, featuring sleek lines, flattering cuts, and luxurious fabrics. Whether you prefer a minimalist aesthetic or bold, eye-catching prints, our bikinis are meticulously crafted to elevate your poolside ensemble.

Choose from an array of styles to suit your individual taste, from sleek bandeau tops and triangle bikinis to supportive underwire designs and high-waisted bottoms. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to accentuate your curves and enhance your natural beauty, ensuring you feel confident and empowered wherever you go.

Embrace the spirit of summer with our vibrant color palette, ranging from soft pastels and bold primaries to rich jewel tones and timeless neutrals. Whether you're lounging by the pool, soaking up the sun on the beach, or enjoying a seaside stroll, our beach babe bikinis are guaranteed to make a lasting impression.

Complete your beachside look with our range of coordinating cover-ups and accessories, including flowy kaftans, chic sarongs, and statement sunglasses. With our beach babe bikinis, every day feels like a getaway, allowing you to embrace the carefree spirit of summer with style and sophistication.

Indulge in the ultimate beachside luxury with our exquisite collection of bikinis. Shop now and make a splash wherever you go, turning heads and exuding confidence with every step.

Conclusion: As we usher in the summer season, embracing the hottest swimwear trends is a surefire way to make a stylish splash. Whether you're drawn to vibrant neon hues, retro-inspired silhouettes, or sustainable swimwear options, there's a swimsuit trend to suit every taste and preference. So, dive into style and make a statement on the shores with the most coveted swimwear styles of the year.

Bikini & Fashion Trends

Women's bikinis, bathing suits, and fashion trends

Bikinis for women, bathing suits, and fashion trends encompass a wide range of styles, trends, and preferences, reflecting the diverse tastes and lifestyles of women worldwide. Here's an overview:

  1. Bikinis: Bikinis are two-piece swimsuits consisting of a bra-like top and briefs. They come in various styles, including triangle tops, bandeaus, halter-necks, high-waisted bottoms, and string ties. Bikinis are popular for their versatility, allowing wearers to mix and match tops and bottoms to suit their preferences and body shapes. They are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, or lounging by the pool or beach.
  2. Bathing Suits: Bathing suits, also known as one-piece swimsuits, are single garments that cover the torso and groin area. They come in various styles, including classic maillots, high-cut leg designs, plunging necklines, and cut-out details. Bathing suits offer more coverage than bikinis and are often favored for their comfort, support, and modesty. They are suitable for various water activities, from swimming laps to surfing, and are also popular for beach vacations and pool parties.
  3. Fashion Trends: Fashion trends for women encompasses a wide range of styles, including casual wear, activewear, formal wear, and everything in between. Some popular clothing items include:
    • Dresses: Dresses are versatile garments suitable for various occasions, from casual sundresses to elegant evening gowns. They come in various styles, lengths, and fabrics, offering endless options for every taste and body type.
    • Tops and Blouses: Tops and blouses come in various styles, including T-shirts, tank tops, blouses, button-down shirts, and crop tops. They can be dressed up or down and paired with different bottoms for a range of looks.
    • Bottoms: Bottoms include a wide range of garments, such as jeans, pants, shorts, skirts, and leggings. They come in various cuts, styles, and lengths, catering to different preferences and occasions.
    • Outerwear: Outerwear includes jackets, coats, blazers, cardigans, and sweaters, providing warmth and style during cooler weather. They come in various materials, from denim and leather to wool and fleece, offering options for every season and climate.
    • Activewear: Activewear includes workout clothes, such as leggings, sports bras, tank tops, and jackets, designed for comfort, performance, and style during exercise and physical activity.
    • Accessories: Accessories add the finishing touch to any outfit and include items such as hats, scarves, belts, sunglasses, jewelry, handbags, and shoes. They can elevate a simple outfit and express personal style preferences.

Overall, bikinis for women, bathing suits, and fashion trends offer a wide range of options for every occasion, style, and preference, allowing women to express themselves and feel confident and comfortable in their clothing choices.

Best Clothing TrendsΒ 

Unveiling The Best Clothing Trends Of The Season

In the ever-evolving landscape of fashion, staying ahead of the curve is essential for those who seek to make a statement with their style. A fresh wave of clothing trends has emerged, capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts worldwide. From vibrant hues to timeless classics with a modern twist, the most wanted clothing trends promise to elevate any wardrobe to new heights of chic sophistication. Let's explore the coveted styles that are dominating runways, street style scenes, and social media feeds alike.

1. Bold Prints and Patterns: Say goodbye to understated neutrals and hello to eye-catching prints and patterns that demand attention. From playful florals to vibrant geometric designs, bold prints are making a statement across all clothing categories. Whether adorning dresses, tops, or trousers, these statement-making patterns add a dose of personality and flair to any ensemble, perfect for those who love to stand out from the crowd.

2. Relaxed Tailoring: As comfort continues to reign supreme, relaxed tailoring has emerged as a key trend. Think oversized blazers, slouchy trousers, and flowy silhouettes that effortlessly blend comfort with sophistication. Whether dressed up with heels or styled casually with sneakers, relaxed tailoring offers versatility and ease, making it a must-have addition to any modern wardrobe.

3. Elevated Loungewear: With the rise of remote work and virtual socializing, loungewear has undergone a stylish transformation, evolving from basic sweats to elevated ensembles suitable for any occasion. Luxurious fabrics, elevated silhouettes, and thoughtful details define this new wave of loungewear, blurring the lines between comfort and sophistication. From cozy knit sets to chic lounging jumpsuits, elevated loungewear is here to stay as a versatile and stylish option for both home and beyond.

4. Nostalgic Vibes: Drawing inspiration from decades past, nostalgic fashion trends are making a nostalgic comeback. From '90s-inspired slip dresses to '70s-inspired bohemian blouses, fashionistas are embracing the retro charm of yesteryear with a modern twist. Whether you're channeling your inner disco diva or paying homage to grunge chic, nostalgic vibes add a sense of whimsy and nostalgia to any wardrobe.

Conclusion: As we navigate the ever-changing landscape of fashion, the most wanted clothing trends offer a tantalizing glimpse into the exciting world of style and self-expression. From sustainable fashion to bold prints and relaxed tailoring, these coveted styles allow fashion enthusiasts to make a statement that is as chic as it is conscious. Whether embracing eco-friendly fabrics, experimenting with bold patterns, or indulging in nostalgic vibes, the most wanted clothing trends invite us to celebrate individuality, creativity, and the transformative power of fashion.

Guide to Getting Perfect Beach Hair

Achieving Effortless Beach Waves

Dreaming of those effortless, tousled beach waves that effortlessly exude laid-back summer vibes? You don't have to spend all day lounging on the sand to achieve that coveted beach hair look. With the right techniques and products, you can recreate that sun-kissed, wind-blown style right at home. In this guide, we'll explore simple and effective ways to get those perfect beachy waves that will have you feeling like you just stepped off the sand.

  1. Start with the Right Products: To create beach waves, you'll need the right products to help add texture and hold. Invest in a good quality salt spray, which mimics the natural texture of sea salt-infused hair. Alternatively, you can make your own salt spray by mixing sea salt with water in a spray bottle. Look for products that offer lightweight hold without weighing your hair down.
  2. Prep Your Hair: Begin by washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo to remove any buildup and create a clean canvas. Towel dry your hair until it's damp but not dripping wet.
  3. Apply Your Styling Product: Spritz your hair generously with salt spray, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. For added texture and hold, you can also apply a small amount of texturizing mousse or cream. Use your fingers to scrunch your hair and distribute the product evenly.
  4. Choose Your Styling Method: There are several methods you can use to create beach waves, depending on your hair type and preference:
    • Braids: Divide your hair into sections and braid each section loosely. Leave the braids in for several hours or overnight, then unravel them for effortless waves.
    • Twists: Twist sections of damp hair and secure them into buns or pin them up. Allow your hair to air dry or use a diffuser to speed up the process.
    • Curling Wand: If you prefer more defined waves, use a curling wand to curl sections of your hair. Opt for a larger barrel size for looser waves and wrap the hair around the wand without clamping it down.
    • Air Dry: For the most natural look, simply let your hair air dry after applying your styling product. Avoid using a brush or comb to maintain the texture.
  5. Finishing Touches: Once your hair is dry, gently tousle it with your fingers to break up any stiffness and create a more natural look. For added volume and texture, you can also sprinkle some dry shampoo at the roots and massage it in.
  6. Lock in Your Style: To ensure your beach waves last all day, finish off with a light-hold hairspray or texturizing spray. Mist it over your hair and scrunch lightly with your fingers to set the waves in place.

Conclusion: Achieving beach hair doesn't have to involve a trip to the shore. With the right products and techniques, you can create beautiful, tousled waves right at home. Whether you prefer a more relaxed, undone look or defined, beachy curls, these simple steps will help you achieve the perfect beach hair every time. So go ahead, embrace your inner beach babe and rock those effortless waves with confidence!

What is a Beach Bunny?

Be that ultimate beach bunny or that gorgeous beach babe that others will envy!

What is a Beach Bunny? AΒ beach bunnyΒ is a generalΒ North American popular culture term for a young woman who spends her free time at the beach. In surf culture it may also refer to a female surfer. Beach bunnies are known for the amount of time they spend sun tanning and are usually represented wearing bikinis. Examples in film and television include Beach PartyΒ andΒ Gidget. The male equivalent isΒ beach bum.

Tips For Your Next Beach Trip

Tips For Your Next Beach Trip

Beach clothing for summer should be comfortable, breathable, and suitable for spending time in the sun and water. Here's a guide to essential beachwear:

  1. Swimwear: Start with your swimwear as the foundation of your beach outfit. Choose bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, or tankinis in colors, patterns, and styles that suit your taste and body shape.
  2. Cover-Ups: Pack lightweight cover-ups to throw on over your swimwear when you're not in the water. Options include breezy kaftans, sarongs, tunics, or oversized shirts. These provide sun protection and keep you cool while transitioning from the beach to other activities.
  3. Sun Hat: Protect your face and head from the sun's rays with a wide-brimmed hat. Choose a floppy straw hat, a chic sun hat with UPF protection, or a trendy bucket hat for both style and function.
  4. Sunglasses: Invest in a good pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from the glare of the sun. Look for sunglasses with UV protection to safeguard your eyes while adding a stylish accessory to your beach look.
  5. Beach Bag: Carry all your beach essentials in a spacious and durable beach bag. Look for a tote bag or a straw beach bag with plenty of room for towels, sunscreen, water bottles, snacks, and other necessities.
  6. Sandals: Opt for comfortable and water-friendly sandals or flip-flops that are easy to slip on and off. Choose styles made from waterproof materials like rubber or EVA, with arch support and non-slip soles for walking on sand and rocks.
  7. Beach Towel: Pack a lightweight and absorbent beach towel to lay on or dry off with after swimming. Choose a large, quick-drying towel in a fun color or pattern to add a pop of personality to your beach setup.
  8. Sunscreen: Don't forget to apply sunscreen generously and frequently to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher and reapply every two hours, especially after swimming or sweating.
  9. Hydration: Stay hydrated by bringing a reusable water bottle filled with cold water or electrolyte drinks to the beach. Avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion by drinking plenty of fluids throughout the day.
  10. Beach Accessories: Consider bringing additional beach accessories like a beach umbrella or shelter for shade, a portable Bluetooth speaker for music, a waterproof phone case, and beach games or toys for added fun.

With these beach clothing essentials, you'll be prepared to enjoy a day of sun, sand, and sea in comfort and style. Don't forget to pack your beach essentials and sunscreen, and have a fantastic time soaking up the summer vibes!